Global Carnatic Musicians Association

NAME OF THE SOCIETY : Global Carnatic Musicians Association
DATE OF COMMENCEMENT : 14th day of April 2019.

No. 314, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai - 600 018.


To protect the interests of Carnatic artists irrespective of age, caste, creed, sex, nationality, etc. and to provide them with avenues and opportunities for leveraging benefits, both monetary and psychological. Perform activities that contribute towards growth and preservation of the art form.


To work for the welfare of artists by :

  • To have fair representation of Carnatic music / Musicians in Global music festivals in india and abroad..
  • Creating pension schemes / other financial assistance such as medical aid, medical insurance.
    1. Providing financial aid and other financial assistance such as medical aid, medical insurance, pension/financial support, etc to indigent, ailing and senior musicians as decided by the committee.
    2. To develop a good & healthy relationship between the Association and Government organizations, music institutions/Sabhas, Rasikaas, Media, and sponsors.
    3. In obtaining travel concessions for flights and trains, as well as baggage allowances for instruments.
    4. To ascertain problems of/between the members, analyze the same and to provide with best solutions for such issues and to sort the same without damaging the professional interests of the members and to create healthy relationship.
    5. To support and nurture new talents by providing references/recommendations/scholarships.
    6. To create a website representing the Carnatic artists fraternity highlighting the contribution of fraternity to the society. This can also be a validation platform to establish the credibility of an artist.To create awareness on Carnatic music through social media and to highlight the contribution.
    7. Protecting the freedom of musical expression of artistes against any efforts to disrupt Carnatic music performances, and in addition protect the artists from being trolled in social media and affecting the reputation of the art form.
    8. To establish a Museum in remembrance of legendary musicians and to celebrate their contributions to the world of Carnatic music.
    9. To enable the organization to contribute for charity and other social causes
    10. To conduct workshops for members to develop fitness, personality, communication, and professional skills.
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