Global Carnatic Musicians Association


  1. The Association shall cater to the needs of the entire Carnatic Musicians Welfare and Discipline.
  2. Creating a code of conduct which will be applicable to all members with immediate effect from the date of registration of membership.
  3. Any cases of misconduct / harassment / violence / abuse reported to the Association will be duly examined and recommended to appropriate committees such as the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for necessary action from the date of registration of membership.
  4. Protecting the performing rights of member musicians
  5. The Association can enforce disciplinary action among members and any decision taken by the Association after due opportunity to the member/ members is binding on all members.
  6. Members found guilty of violation of all or any of the by-laws of the Association or rules farmed by the executive committee will be removed from the Association by a resolution passed by the majority of the Executive Members of the Committee.
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