Global Carnatic Musicians Association


  1. Eligibility :
    All the Carnatic music artists, vocal, instrumental and hari katha artists will be considered for membership as per prescribed norms. The artists who have performed in an organization recognized by federation of sabhas or in any other major festivals or performed in All India Radio will be eligible to register as a member. The minimum age requirement for membership will be 18 years and above. However artists below 18 years of age will be given special consideration to become a member supported by a legal guardian. Non-active performing artists above 70 years of age will be given Honorary Membership status. Patrons will not be deemed to be members.

  2. Membership fee :
    1. Annual Subscription: Rs. 1,000/- which becomes due towards the end of the financial year, members will be given a reminder and a grace period of three months to pay the subscription in case of default on further failure to pay the subscription membership will be terminated. To regain membership, a penalty of Rs. 500/- will be applicable, in addition to the annual membership fee. In case of default, the committee shall issue show cause notice to terminate the membership on failure to pay subscription.
    2. Lifetime Subscription: Rs. 25,000/-
    3. Annual membership fee will be waived partially/wholly for differently abled or indigent musicians having on which the committee has the authority to decide.
    4. In addition to the benefits listed under OBJECTIVES, members will be supplied with a membership identity card.
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