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Global Carnatic Musicians Association

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Who are we?

A need for a common voice for the Carnatic musicians fraternity resulted in the birth of GCMA in 2019.

GCMA's vision is to protect the interests of Carnatic artists and provide them with avenues and opportunities while contributing towards the growth and preservation of the art form.

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Redefining the carnatic community one note at a time!


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Health Insurance

The flagship scheme of GCMA, the Medical Insurance Scheme was commenced in 2022. In collaboration with Star Health Insurance, over 120 artists were insured with coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakhs, with no pre-existing health conditions taken into consideration. It is noteworthy that such an insurance plan, if procured individually, costs around Rs. 35000.  GCMA expects to further insure over 150 artists this year. 

While concerts and curated musical events continued with great gusto, GCMA also focused on a few schemes to support the burgeoning Carnatic music community and was instrumental in raising funds during the Covid-19 crisis. Aided by the funds raised from the Paarambaryam concert series and generous donations from a plethora of rasikas and musicians alike, GCMA was responsible for the disbursement of funds to the tune of Rs. 65 lakhs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pension Scheme

In continuity with its efforts to secure and support artists, a Pension Scheme was launched with a monthly payout of Rs. 5000 to musicians in need, including Tampura artists.

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